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The gambling webmaster programs below pay up to 50% on net sales to webmasters, and are run by iGlobal, one of the most secure and highest paying affiliate programs on the web.


We have been sending traffic to Starluck and PlanetLuck for over 6 years, and we can tell you that it pays very well, and converts. In talking with the major casino software suppliers, we have found that there is a need for a gaming webmaster portal that ofers full information to the gambling webmaster. It is our intention to turn this site into a comprehensive portal for gambling webmasters and offer many, many gaming affiliate programs.

What does comprehensive mean? It means we will list ALL the programs publicly available! You will get to pick and choose, plus we will compare the differences. But it will be up to you to decide, as each gambling webmaster program will have it's strengths and weaknesses. For example, many casinos do not have a sportsbook attached.

Sportsbook affiliate programs are excellent and offer long term retention. This site will have banners and webmaster signup links from all the popular software manufacturers, from iGlobal, Starnet, Boss Media, CryptoLogic to and allow you to play the games for free to se exactly what you will be promoting. We will also offer a chat board,and many, many tips on promotion, plus banner exchanges, counters and other webmaster tools and promotion methods, the top gambling search engine list, programming tips and tutorials that you will want to use.

Planet Luck Casino has a very appealing interface, as well as fast-paced game interaction. Reliable support, either by chat, phone, or e-mail, and quick payouts. Simply the best experience we have had with an on-line casino! The best combination of Download and No Download versions available on the Net today!

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Nice and reliable software interface, fast support, very Fast payouts. Starluck is one of the most organize online casino's on the market!

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